NRG TABBITA offers the grower and the trade buyer a fully flexible storage solution. The mantra of the business is to service the customer.

The site receives:

• Wheat (Hard Wheat/Feed Wheat)  • Barley (Malt & Feed)

  • Flexible access to the site
  • Greater number of segregations
  • Working closely with our customers to meet their needs
  • You buy grain in our sites and you are guaranteed that is where you will receive ownership – we wont ‘stock swap’ you around the country side.

Northern Riverina Grains Pty Ltd was established in 2012 by 16 local producers. The site consists of bunker the capacity to store 70,000mt

Northern Riverina Grains Pty Ltd
ACN: 153 805 228

Located at 1 Tysons Road, Tabbita, NSW 2652, approximately 480km from Melbourne & 545km from Port Kemlba, NRG services bulk markets in both Melbourne and Port Kembla, containerised exports through the Port Melbourne, and a very strong, long established domestic market (predominately beef and poultry stock feeders).

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